Delivering on the Promise of Purity

A History Of Innovation

Pfanstiehl Advertisement in The Scientist in 1920
Advertisement in The Scientist in 1920


With the help of U.S. government seed money, the Special Chemicals Corporation is founded by Carl Pfanstiehl in the stable behind his home. He begins providing high purity carbohydrates, amino acids and enzymes to analytical laboratories and hospitals.


Babson Brothers, Inc., a Chicago-area manufacturer and distributor of dairy industry supplies, joins Pfanstiehl, assisting with financial and management support. The Special Chemicals Company is renamed Pfanstiehl Chemical Corporation and relocates to Waukegan, Illinois.


Pfanstiehl Chemical becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Babson, operating three separate divisions: fine chemicals, metallurgical products, and dairy sanitation products.


Arthur G. Holstein, chemist and holder of five biochemical processing patents joins Pfanstiehl, managing the fine chemical division.


Babson sells fine chemical division to Arthur Holstein and carbohydrate chemist Dr. Waldersee Hendrey, who then name their company Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc. Pfanstiehl begins producing fine chemicals in larger volumes and begins supplying biochemicals in bulk to catalog resellers. Product focus shifts towards carbohydrates and related organic chemicals.


Company significantly expands capacity and capabilities by moving to its current address in Waukegan. The original building occupied on Glen Rock Avenue continues to house Pfanstiehl fine chemical production.


Upon the untimely death of Dr. Hendrey, Arthur Holstein acquires all Pfanstiehl voting shares under terms of their business agreement. Pfanstiehl begins producing sodium lactate solutions and Glucosamine hydrochloride, marking entry into production of pharmaceutical compounds and intermediates.


Pfanstiehl establishes its first Type II Drug Master File with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a pharmaceutical client.


Pfanstiehl partners with Abbott Laboratories to develop a process for producing egg yolk phospholipid (egg lecithin) for use in a parenteral nutrition formulation.


Dedicated sodium lactate solutions manufacturing facility constructed.


New multi-purpose commercial scale High Potency Substance (HPS) manufacturing facility  constructed. Optimized for product isolation/containment and centralized process control, the facility expands Pfanstiehl’s capabilities for processing toxic and cytotoxic APIs and intermediates.


Pfanstiehl becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ferro Corporation, a major international producer of performance materials for industry, including coatings, fine chemicals and polymer additives. Acquisition by Ferro steps up expansion of technical and capital infrastructure.


High Potency Substance (HPS) manufacturing facility and practices certified by SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.


Synthesis Isolator added to High Potency Substance (HPS) manufacturing facility to accommodate additional early phase Oncology Drug Candidate Development Programs.


Construction of new and expanded Analytical Testing Laboratory and Methods Development and Validation Laboratories New Kilo Lab and Pilot Plant facilities begin supporting Custom Synthesis and HPS Manufacturing Services (Phase I)


Med Opportunity Partners acquires Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc., bringing significant resources, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical relationships, and capital to fuel the Company’s growth.