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Sodium Succinate Hexahydrate USP NF JPE

Sodium Succinate hexahydrate is the fully hydrated form of sodium succinate. Sodium Succinate is generally used as a Biopharmaceutical ingredient for pH buffering and final product formulation (e.g. Antibody Drug Conjugates/ADCs). The physical properties of this product make it a suitable tool for use in a Formulation Tool Kit.  Pfanstiehl Brand High Purity / Low Endotoxin-Low Metal Sodium Succinate Hexahydrate was developed specifically for biopharmaceutical formulation and commercial manufacturing and produced under full cGMP conditions in the United States to the highest quality and purity standards.  Pfanstiehl Brand Sodium Succinate Hexahydrate is compliant with the USP monograph established in 2017 and available as USP-NF (United States Pharmacopoeia—National Formulary).

Blue barrel of Pfanstiehl pharma grade Sodium Succinate GMP USP

High Purity – Low Endotoxin – Low Metals – Parenteral Grade

Product DescriptionProduct CodeCAS Number
Sodium Succinate (Hexahydrate), High Purity, Low Endotoxin, Low Metals, NF, JPED-1616106-21-4

Available Package Sizes: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg

Development Samples: ~100g – Available upon request