Galactose is a monosaccharide sugar of the hexose class that is a constituent of lactose and many polysaccharides. Galactose is found in milk, sugar beets, gums, and mucilages. It is also synthesized in humans, and is a constituent of glycolipids and glycoproteins. Galactose is finding an ever-increasing use as a cell metabolism modulator in the optimization of protein therapeutics bioproduction.

Pfanstiehl Brand High Purity Low Endotoxin Galactose was developed specifically for biopharmaceutical use, to the highest quality and purity standards. It has been utilized as a key, chemically defined component to optimize protein production while mitigating lactate and ammonia formation.

The various benefits imparted by Galactose in bioproduction include but are not limited to:
• Reduced Lactate & Ammonia Production
• Increased Target Protein Production
• Clean and Consistent Media Impurity Profile

Pfanstiehl Brand Galactose is available as NF (National Formulary) and EP (European Pharmacopoeia).

Product Description Product Code CAS Number
D-Galactose, Plant-Derived, High Purity Low Endotoxin G-126-2 59-23-4
D-Galactose, Plant-Derived, High Purity Low Endotoxin G-126-3 59-23-4
D-Galactose, Lactose-Derived, High Purity Low Endotoxin G-125-1 59-23-4


Available Package Sizes: 1kg, 5kg, 25kg, 50kg